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Seals ( Free Standard Domestic Shipping)

Seals ( Free Standard Domestic Shipping)

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Seals By SlickVacSeal

Brand  SlickVacSeal (Made In The USA)
Size  4" PVC: Fits Our 4" Diameter Clear PVC Chamber
6" PVC: Fits Our 6" Diameter Clear PVC Chamber
1.5 Gal: Fits Our 1.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Chamber 
3 Gal: Fits Our 3 Gallon Stainless Steel Chamber
1.75 Quart: Fits Our 1.75 Quarts Pyrex Chamber
2.75 Quart Rectangular: Fits Our 2.75 Quarts Pyrex Chamber
3 Gal Rolled Rim: Fits Our 3 Gallon Aluminum Rolled Rim Chamber 
3 Gal Square Rim: Fit Our 3 Gallon Aluminum Square Rim Chamber
5 Gal Square Rim: Fit Our 5 Gallon Aluminum Square Rim Chamber
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