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Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum Gauges

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Vacuum Gauges By SlickVacSeal 

Brand  SlickVacSeal TM 
Reading Liquid Filled: Inches Hg
  Dry: 0-30" Inches Hg
Dimension Liquid Filled:  2.25" Diameter 
  Dry:  2" Diameter 
Accuracy ±2”
Main Body  Liquid Filled: Stainless Steel 
  Dry: Black Steel 
Range Liquid Filled:  0-30" Hg
  Dry:  0-30" Hg
Liquid Liquid Filled:  Glycerin
  Dry:  N/A
Connection Liquid Filled:  ¼” NPT Bottom
  Dry:  ¼” NPT Bottom
Height Liquid Filled:  3"
Dry:  2.5"
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