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4" Inside Diameter Clear PVC Wood Stabilizing Vacuum Chamber

4" Inside Diameter Clear PVC Wood Stabilizing Vacuum Chamber

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The 4" ID Clear PVC Vacuum Chamber is perfect for stabilizing liquids. Its direct contact with common stabilizers ensures maximum efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of your liquid. Enjoy precision and reliability when you choose this vacuum chamber and pump. Compatible with SOS 3.0, Cactus Juice, and similar products. Check with Stabilizing Manufacture for compatibility with PVC prior to use.   

Clear PVC Chamber By SlickVacSeal 


SlickVacSeal TM 

Assembly required

Attach Inlet Air Filter,  and Simple Vacuum Hose and Plumbing Connection. 


Heavy Duty Aluminum MADE IN THE USA 


Clear PVC

Vacuum Gauge

SlickVacSeal 0-30”Hg Liquid Filled Stainless Steel


Long Lasting MADE IN THE USA SlickVacSeal

Max Operating Temperature


Max Vacuum @Sea Level

29.9” Hg

Ambient Temperature Range of operation


Inlet Air Filter

50 Micron Air Filter

Vacuum Hose Length

4 feet of Reinforced Vacuum Hosing Connect Directly To Vacuum Pumps with 1/4" Male SAE

Package Contents:
1x: Clear PVC Chamber
1x Chamber Sea
1x: Lid 
1x: Plumbing System 
1x: 50 Micron Filter
1x: 4 feet of Reinforced Vacuum Hosing 

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