Vacuum Drying Ovens

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Vacuum Chamber Oven By SlickVacSeal TM


SlickVacSeal TM 

Assembly required

Attach Inlet Air Filter,  and Simple Vacuum Hose and Plumbing Connection. 


3 Gal: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel MADE IN THE USA

5 Gal: Heavy Duty Aluminum MADE IN THE USA


3 Gal: 10" Inside Diameter And 9" Height

5 Gal: 12" Inside Diameter And 10" Height


Thick Tempered Glass

Vacuum Gauge

SlickVacSeal 0-30”Hg Liquid Filled Stainless Steel


Long Lasting MADE IN THE USA SlickVacSeal

Max Operating Temperature


Max Vacuum @Sea Level

29.9” Hg

Ambient Temperature Range of operation


Inlet Air Filter

50 Micron Air Filter

Vacuum Hose Length

4 feet of Reinforced Vacuum Hosing Connect Directly To Vacuum Pump 1/4" SAE


Click For Programing/Controller Info


Package Contents:

1x: Vacuum Oven/Chamber
1x Chamber Seal
1x: Lid 
1x: Plumbing System 
1x: 50 Micron Filter
1x: 4 feet of Reinforced Vacuum Hosing 

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